Orma - next themes


ORMA is a semestrial review, opened to the collaboration to all those who are interested in a sistematic study of the religions.

If you wish to publish a study, a note or a book review in ORMA, please sent the texts at the e-mail addresses /, in an attached document.

Each number is focused on a dominant theme, which will be announced six months before. We accept also studies and notes on various topics, different from the announced thematic of the volume.

The texts can be edited in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German or Romanian, with an extensive abstract, written in a foreign language, different from that of the study.

Norms of editing: Times New Roman by 10, single line spacing, with auto numbered footnotes. The images have to be compressed in JPEG format. The editorial board of the review will examine the texts to a proof sheet in according to the requirements of the publication and, after the revise, the text will be sent to be revised by its author.

For each information on the orientation of the review, please consult the website: